The "Summer-Autumn Grass Screen" was added later to the back of Ogata Korin's "Wind God and Thunder God Screen."
It was commissioned by the head of the Hitotsubashi family, the father of the 11th shogun, Tokugawa Ienari, and created by Sakai Hoitsu.

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Sakai Hōitsu's "Summer and Autumn Grasses" Folding Screen
Tokyo National Museum

Originating in Kyoto during the Edo period, the Rinpa school of painting was passed down through a lineage of artists including Kōetsu, Sōtatsu, Kōrin, and Hōitsu. The school is known for its luxurious and bold aesthetic, as seen in works like the "Wind and Thunder Gods" screen, the "Red and White Plum Blossoms" screen, and Hōitsu's "Summer and Autumn Grasses" screen. These artworks often feature backgrounds of gold and silver leaf, and the patterns created by the veins in the leaf, known as 'hakusoku', contribute to their elegant beauty.


[Gold Leaf Leather] [Silver Leaf Leather] Series

Gold and silver leaf, said to be as thin as 0.0001mm, inevitably suffers from tearing and flaking due to its susceptibility to moisture and variations in thickness, leading to the creation of official replicas from an art conservation perspective. Replicating the centuries-old appearance of gold and silver backgrounds requires not just foil techniques but also an artistic approach. Craftsman Hiroto Rakusho has succeeded in reproducing the aged and enhanced appearance of the leaf vein patterns, a process and artistry drawn from creating high-definition replicas of national treasure-class artworks like the Wind and Thunder Gods and his own artwork. This has led to the creation of its distinct foil surface patterns.


[Rimpa Silver Leather] Series

At Calen Blosso, we have created the original art leather "Rimpa Silver Leather" by employing a technique that uses gravure rollers to imprint these foil surface patterns onto genuine leather. It's a material that, while distinctly Japanese, is brimming with a vintage, fashionable essence.

Rinpa Silver Leather is available as a commercial-grade material

For sales of Rinpa Silver Leather, please refer here. We offer guidance on sample sizes, single sheet purchases, and more. We encourage you to consider it for your creations. Additionally, we are open to collaborations on OEM custom orders and dual-branded product development.

RSLP/Rinpa Silver Leather Project

To all designers, we invite you to incorporate our Rinpa Silver series leather into your creations. Whether it be bags, shoes, wallets, interior goods, hobby items, stationery, or digital gadget accessories, we accept orders starting from a single sheet of 32cm x 23cm. Available in six colors: Matte Black, Antique Silver, Copper Gold, Wine Red, Grand Blue, and Gold (custom colors are also available upon request).

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